My Philosophy

You have to take control of your finances, but you don't have to do it alone.

I want to help women get involved with their financial decisions from the start. Don't blindly hand over the reins of your life savings. I work with you to make sure your investments are where you need them to be to do what you want them to do.

Unfortunately, many women wait to take an active part in their finances until after they have a major life event like a divorce or the death of a spouse. We've all watched someone we love go through that. We can probably agree that is the worst time to be going through the financial learning curve and making major financial decisions that could impact the rest of your life.

*The average life expectancy of an American woman is 81 per the 2013 OECD study. The average age of widowhood in the US varies between 55 to 60 depending upon the study. The fact remains that between death, divorce and disability, most adult women in America today will at some point be the head of their financial household.

Financial planning is about truly understanding what you want out of life and using your money and your investments to make it happen.

  • Does your bank balance dictate the way you live your life?
  • Do you remember all the dreams you have squashed because the numbers in your accounts weren’t high enough?
  • Does it seem like no matter how much money you make, the balances never go any higher?
  • Are you always saving, but it never feels like enough? 
  • Wouldn't it be nice to ponder what you want out of life instead of letting your money push you around?

In most areas of our lives, we start with dreams and goals. Then we make decisions and work to make them happen. If we want children, then we look for a good mate to have them with, or a good neighborhood in which to raise them. If we want a certain career, then we educate ourselves and look for opportunities to move it forward. Financial goals are the same – the more we understand what we want, and the more time we have to do it, the easier it is. 

Financial planning isn't about fearing all the things that you can’t have. It is about planning for what you really want.